The  success rates of expansion of high tech businesses show that 50% will fail within 5 years and many analysts claim as low as 2 years.


Transformation through Evolution.

The reasons for business failure are many and varied and the current evolution of new political and market changes globally, typified but not limited to Brexit, provide another layer of potential to become part of those statistics.

Many organizations struggle to adapt their sales, marketing and operations, together with product offerings in order to capitalize on both the evolution of the IT marketplace and the international market.  Adding into this the challenge of global logistics, support and remote management and it’s easy to see why so many fail to get anywhere near their revenue objectives.

The Assessment.

A fundamental element to AOE’s repeated success has been the readiness assessment which has set the roadmap for growth.  This is then followed by a customized and focused development and execution plan using a combination data gained from our intelligence network   and our methodology to decide the most efficient way to drive both rapid growth and long-term success.

A partnership with An Outside Edge will ensure that you will be able to capitalize on the opportunities and not suffer from the usual false starts that can occur.


An [Example] Pathway

Readiness Plan